Introducing: Conjure

2020 has been a year of change for all of us, Mobley included!

Late last spring we told ourselves ‘No self-respecting furniture rental company should have the same collections all the time. So we went back to the drawing board. Met up with our design partners over zoom. Worked tirelessly to reinvent ourselves and our environment. And gave birth to our Fall 2020 collections inspired by different New York neighborhoods. We could not be prouder.

After all that work, we realized cool furniture wasn’t enough, so we did one last thing and reinvented how you’d own it. In the process though, there was just too much magic for Mobley to handle (R.I.P. Mobley, you’re with our old Tamagotchi now), so we reinvented ourselves. Hence, it’s with great joy that we unveil Conjure.

Yep, we’re rebranding and reimagining ourselves. As a brand we seek to bridge the gap between the joy of having the homes we want and the thankless busy-work of making that happen in the first place. Everyone—and every space—has the ability to learn, grow and shape-shift into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

At Conjure, we recognize that you've found a way to make “home” anywhere you are. New York. Lisbon. Santa Fe. Oaxaca. Berlin. Des Moines, too. In all those cities, you’ve taken on new things, shared memories, and so much more (with the selfies to prove it). No matter where you’ve hung your hat, great moments have never been too far behind.

In the end, we believe every home has its magic, and it begins at your doorstep. Our job is to help you figure out how to bring it forth.

Welcome to our new world. No magic words required. Welcome home, to Conjure.

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