‘This feels like home.’

It’s the incantation that’s often the result of so much work. We know what it’s like to have dreams of finding someplace new, and starting a new chapter in your journey. Like you, we’ve spent late nights planning and early mornings searching.
For such a simple phrase, it fails to hold all the hours we put into making our homes ours, time and again. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to make up for it.

At Conjure, we seek to bridge the gap between the joy of having the homes we want and the thankless busy-work of making that happen in the first place.

So we offer easy delivery. And free assembly. And flexible ownership. All at below-retail prices. Making these benefits yours is important to us because we believe that everyone—and every space—has the ability to learn, grow and shape-shift into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.
Every home has its magic. We’re ready to help you figure out how to bring it forth.

Good design isn’t just the classics.

From old favorites to new and powerful voices in design, we carefully select pieces to allow you to explore a diversity of styles and themes.

Fast furniture is old news.

We have no doubts that the future of home life is about quality, reuse, and longevity. So we’re seeing to it by working with sustainable partners, sourcing materials responsibly, and so much more.

Make magic with us.

Interested in helping us summon a better home for everyone? Give us a sign at hello@conjure.co