Renting with Conjure is easily said, and done.

Here’s how it all works.


Craft a custom lease for unique furniture.
With 3-12 month rentals and a uniquely curated set of Collections, we can accomodate nearly every living situation and preference—no matter whether you’re a renter, own your home, or particular taste in design. Just let us know what pieces you like and how long you’d like to keep them.


Enjoy free delivery and assembly in 4-7 business days.
At checkout, give us a delivery range that works for you and we’ll read the stars to coordinate with you. On your delivery day, kick back and watch your new home come to life—our teams pre-assemble every order and do the heavy lifting so you’re never dealing with the curse of stress.


Never overpay and build value.
Our monthly prices are set, so say goodbye confusing and costly pricing. On average you’ll pay about half of the retail value in one lease.

To ensure maximum flexibility, every monthly payment accrues value as Conjure Coins. When you’re ready to switch things up, you can sell your pieces back to us. Any and all coins you have can then be redeemed towards the retail value of new pieces you’re ready to rent.


Start a new chapter at any time.
When you’ve completed your leasing term, you can buy out any remaining retail value of any items you’d like to keep. Or, you can always renew your lease for another term. If you’d like to exchange or switch things up, you can trade in your items for Conjure coins and put them towards a reduction in your next lease’s monthly payments. And if you’re done renting, that’s no problem either either — we’ll come pick everything up at your convenience.
You’re an expert conjurer now. Ready to fill your bag of tricks?
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