Frequently Asked


How it works
What is Conjure?

At Conjure, you can unlock your home’s potential with simple, easy furniture rentals. With a robust selection of hand-picked pieces, we offer something magical for every home, and every budget.

How does ordering work?
  1. Choose your items and your lease term (3-12 months) and proceed to checkout.
  2. Check your confirmation email and sign your lease.
  3. We'll be in touch with your scheduled delivery date.
What is the order minimum?

The monthly minimum rental is $69.

Can I rent for a few days or weeks?

The shortest rental period we offer is 3 months. Unfortunately, we cannot lease our furniture for any shorter period of time.

Is there an example lease? Can I see it?

If want a sneak peek at the lease agreement in advance just reach out, we're happy to share it with you.

What happens after my lease is over?

At the end of your lease, choose the option that works best for your dreams.
Renew your lease for up to 12 months.
Purchase the items for their residual value.
Trade-in your items for a credit towards your next order.
Have the items picked up, and close your account.

Do I own the items after the lease?

At the end of your lease you have the option to purchase some, or all of your items. The cost to purchase is the retail value, minus what you've already paid through your lease.
If you purchased items from the Bazaar, you own them once you complete your lease.

What if I need to end my lease early?

Here’s our checklist if you need to end the lease earlier than expected:

  1. Revise your lease term. For example, if you need to end your lease on month 4 of 12, we will revise you to a 4-month lease.
  2. Calculate your new remaining balance. It will be the new lease total, minus what you've already paid.
  3. Schedule your pickup. You also have the option to purchase your items.
Delivery & pickup
Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the greater NYC Metro area, including all of Long Island, and parts of New Jersey, southern Connecticut, and southern New York State. The free delivery zone includes the 5 boroughs of NYC, and the Newark Metro Area.

How quickly can I get my delivery?

Our estimated delivery time is 4-7 business days.
Routes are set geographically so that we can maximize our fuel efficiency, and minimize our environmental impact. This means that we only deliver to your neighborhood once a week.

Do I need to be home for my delivery or pickup?

Yes, someone will need to let the delivery / pickup team when they arrive, supervise the delivery / pickup, and sign for it. It's best if you're there, but you could ask a landlord, super, neighbor, family or friend.

Can you provide a C.O.I?

Yes, just send us your building's requirements or C.O.I sample. The typical processing time is about 3 business days.

What if I need to reschedule?

Sometimes things don't work out as we predict. Simply reach out to us at least 3 business days before your delivery/pickup, and we can get you rescheduled for no cost.
We'll need to charge for a new delivery/pickup if:
It's within 2 business days of your scheduled date
You miss your delivery/pickup
A C.O.I was needed for the delivery/pickup, but not requested in advance